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California court says Apple Store workers must be paid for time spent waiting to be searched

The California Supreme Court says state law requires Apple to pay retail store employees for the time they spend waiting for bag searches at the end of a shift, the Los Angeles Times reports. “We conclude that plaintiffs’ time spent on Apple’s premises waiting for, and undergoing, mandatory exit searches of bags, packages, or personal […]

HQ Trivia is dead as app shuts down and all employees are fired

The company behind HQ Trivia, the live-action quiz app that let users win real money, has announced it’s shutting down. HQ Trivia hit its peak in 2017 and was named App of the Year by TIME Magazine as millions of people tuned in twice a day for the chance to win real money. Over time, […]

Experts scanning the stars for ‘technosignatures’ from alien civilisations

Alien hunters are scaling up their efforts in the search for an intelligent civilisation somewhere out in the void of space. Experts at the SETI Institute, an organisation dedicated to tracking extraterrestrial intelligence, are developing state-of-the-art techniques to detect signatures from space that indicate the possibility of extraterrestrial existence. These so-called ‘technosignatures’ can range from […]

Facebook’s dating feature raises EU concerns but its Pinterest clone is live

Facebook has had to delay the launch of a dating feature set to rival Tinder due to privacy concerns from the European Union. The social network called a halt to the rollout in Europe after it failed to appease the Irish Data Protection Commission over privacy. Because Facebook is based in Ireland, the Irish authority […]

Twitter opens ‘Dating Twitter Advice Bureau’ pop-up in London for Valentine’s

Twitter has marked Valentine’s Day with a quirky pop-up shop in London’s Covent Garden which showcases awkward tweets. ‘It’s a celebration of how Twitter users worldwide have captured the true, unspoken essence of modern dating, relationships and singledom – from awkward first-date silences, through long-term regrets, to advanced ghosting strategies,’ Twitter said in a press […]

Nasa confirms ‘potentially hazardous’ asteroid will pass Earth safely tomorrow

Nasa is tracking a ‘potentially hazardous’ asteroid that’s due to pass Earth safely by about three million miles tomorrow. The ‘potentially hazardous’ part comes from the fact it measures about 3,250 feet in diameter, which makes it bigger than the Burj Khalifa. Combine that with a travelling speed of 34,000 miles per hour and you […]

Three says it will finally bring 5G to customers by the end of February

Three is finally set to join the likes of EE, Vodafone and O2 in offering a 5G package to its customers. The network has said it will roll out the next generation wireless technology by the end of February. It was originally due to be launched by the end of last year, but delays have […]