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Strangers throw baby shower for couple flying home with adopted daughter

Dustin and Caren Moore became first-time parents last week. But the couple didn’t get to have a baby shower before their daughter arrived because they became parents through adoption. As they flew home to California with their newborn baby, a stranger and a flight attendant asked about their baby and they shared their adoption story. […]

PSA: This hotel in Iceland is offering a free stay if women propose on Leap Day

Thinking of proposing to your lover but scared what society might think? Been waiting for your boyfriend to pop the question for years but still no ring? Well, now’s your chance to throw a spanner in the works and do the proposing yourself. Leap Day’s coming up – the one day that comes round every […]

This adorable miniature castle has just gone on the market

Fancy living in a castle? Of course you do. Anyone who has ever watched any Disney movie probably harbours the secret desire of waking up in a turret. Well, now you can. An adorable fun-sized castle has just gone on the market – and it might not be completely out of your price range. The […]

The London Eye becomes a pub to celebrate its 20th birthday

At first place, this place looks like a traditional pub – but it’s actually a pod on the London Eye. The famous attraction is celebrating 20 years as part of the London skyline so they’re transforming each of the pods into different experiences. One of the capsules is becoming The King Vic – a pub […]

Postpartum depression can affect men too

The moment I learned that my partner and I would lose our baby, I felt like I lost all sense of purpose. I’d always wanted to be a dad and as soon as university was finished we decided to start trying for a baby. It wasn’t long before the pair of us were sitting on […]

Mum gets perfect slices of cheese every time with potato peeler trick

Cheese graters can cause a bit of a mess so one mum has a great trick to slice your cheese perfectly every time instead. You can avoid those little bits of grated cheese sticking to your worktop but not have to take chunks off with a knife by using a potato peeler. Posting in Extreme […]

Woman says her beloved horse sniffed out her brain tumour

When Kelly Ann Alexander realised her horse Aliyana wouldn’t stop sniffing the right side of her head, she was worried. The 43-year-old had been having seizures for a few months and had been diagnosed with epilepsy but something didn’t seem right. Seeing her beloved horse’s reaction, she insisted on more tests, which revealed a low-grade […]