HQ Trivia is dead as app shuts down and all employees are fired

The company behind HQ Trivia, the live-action quiz app that let users win real money, has announced it’s shutting down.

HQ Trivia hit its peak in 2017 and was named App of the Year by TIME Magazine as millions of people tuned in twice a day for the chance to win real money.

Over time, users began to fall away and the app struggled as a result.

And last week, all 25 full time employees working at the parent company HQ were told the app was closing and they were all being laid off.

‘We received an offer from an established business to acquire HQ and continue building our vision, had definitive agreements and legal docs, and a projected closing date of tomorrow, and for reasons we are still investigating, they suddenly changed their position and despite our best efforts, we were unable to reach an agreement.’ CEO Rus Yusupov said in a memo to staff.

‘Unfortunately, our lead investors are no longer willing to fund the company, and so effective today, HQ will cease operations and move to dissolution.’

HQ CEO Rus Yusupov just sent a note to staffers (25 full-time employees): “This is one of the hardest things to do in my life, and I’m really sorry for any disruption this may cause you and our players.”

The basic idea of HQ Trivia was that it’s a free app with live gameshows that happen at set times every day (usually twice or three times). Players tune in to the show, can interact with other players via the chat function, and follow and answer the questions as the presenter tells them.

With HQ we showed the world the future of TV. We didn’t get to where we hoped but we did stretch the world’s imagination for what’s possible on our smartphones. Thanks to everyone who helped build this and thanks for playing.

Sad to say goodbye to @hqtrivia, you incredible HQties & the amazing team I’ve worked with over the past 2 yrs. HQ will go down in history as a game-changer. Seeing it blossom from 1200 live players my 1st game to 2 MILL just months later. So glad to have been along for the ride.

Questions start easier, and gradually increase in difficulty as the game goes on. If a player answers all twelve questions correctly they win the money. If more than one person wins, the money is split.